Angel Numbers


Repeating number sequences have shown up in my life for more than a year now. I have been looking for an explanation ever since and you are reading my current understanding of it.

What are they?

Our higher self is trying  to gain our attention, send us messages and guide us non stop. This happens through  music, books, thoughts,feelings, intuition or in this case through numbers.

As our consciousness evolves and our awareness increases, we tune more and more into a higher frequency which allows us to see the evident.

On my path to awakening and finding my true purpose in life I have been helped by those angelic messages many times.

As far as I know numbers contrary to language have not been created by humanity but rather discovered. Each number resonates with a different frequency and tells you something different.

If you would be able to perceive what is under this illusion which we call “reality” you would just see a bunch of numbers that make up a universe.  Much like the workings of a computer where everything is based on a 1 for true and 0 for false.

Making sense of it all!

As we start seeing them, our emotional roller coaster ride begins. We question first the probability of this being a coincidence or a sign trying to tell us something.

In our search for answers we turn to others but most of the times those people around us have no understanding of them.   They give us the impression we are just imagining and focusing too much on stuff that isn’t there.

Don’t let this happen to you! The majority of people have a limited understanding of this phenomenon. There are plenty of sources for information to find a deeper understanding (books, blogs, meditations etc.)

No one can give you the exact meaning since this is a subjective experience and related to the observer.

Track your thoughts and feelings when specific number sequences appear. Write a journal where you note this special connection to a higher realm and the meaning you felt at that time.

At this current moment I believe that those numbers are activating certain strands in our DNA. This allows for more awareness, better well-being and greater perception.

There is no reason for fear!

As the frequency of this numbers increases, and your quest for understanding becomes bigger you might come to a point where you almost feel afraid.

Pause for a second, take a deep breath and embrace this connection to the higher realm knowing that all is well and you are being guided by universal forces that are out of sight for the conventional eye.

Give yourself time…

Our  belief system and our limitations took a life time to form, allow your higher self the time to induce the healing through numbers.

This is an example of my personal map for some repeating numbers which you can use as guidance before forming your own opinion if you like.

  • When I see the number 1 repeating in any form, I do my best to eliminate every negative emotion or thought and replace it with a positive one, because that is what I want to manifest into my life.
  • When I see the number 5 repeating in any form, it’s time to smile, get mentally prepared for a change that will transform my reality into something more desirable. Take some time to imagine what that would be.
  • When I see the number 9 repeating in any form, I feel the need for self expression with the intention of healing and raising consciousness. This number always reminds me of my purpose as a healer in life.

I hope you gained some value by reading this article.

 Please feel free to ask questions, share this post or comment below.

Thank you for reading.

Cristian Tuerk




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